Shop the World Gifts  - A Fair Trade ministry that fights world poverty and hunger.
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Our Mission....
is to help the poorest people in the world...third world artisans who certainly are among those Jesus referred to as "the least of these." These artisans have been blessed by God with tremendous artistic ability, but have no market for their products.
By bringing their handmade creations to our customers, we help these artisans feed and educate their children and build better lives. Our customers benefit by receiving a unique, quality product at a reasonable price.
Your Fair Trade Purchases:
  • Help low-income artisans feed, support , and educate their families.
  • Help the artisans build schools, churches, hospitals, and communities.
  • Support the fight against slavery and child labor.
  • Support the conservation of the environment.
  • Empowers women and minorities. 
Shop the World Gifts is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.
Call us at 423-887-5048 with any questions or to ask about new arrivals.
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